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Members of our group are available to speak to the press
or anyone else interested in learning more about children's voting.

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john wall

Co-Founder and Professor of Philosophy

Author of Give Children the Vote and other books, articles, blogs, and opinion pieces arguing for all children's rights to vote.

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sonja grover

Professor of Education

Author of Young People’s Human Rights and the Politics of Voting Age and other books and articles on children's rights in international law.


neena modi

Professor of Neonatal Medicine

Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, current president of the UK Medical Women's Federation, and the immediate past-president of the UK Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

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Robin chen

Co-Founder and Activist

A mother working in Cambridge, MA to fight for voting rights across the lifespan.


michael cummings

Professor of Political Science

Author of  Beyond Political Correctness: Social Transformation in the United States, American Political Thought, and Children's Voices in Politics.